Great session with the NHS Retirement Fellowship

On Tuesday, I had the privilege of giving a talk about my books  – ‘A latecomer novelist’ – to the Kingston Branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship. And what a lively group of individuals they are! It was quite an experience listening to their friendly and enthusiastic chatter and that was before the meeting even started.

Their secretary, Frances McMullen, introduced me and I spoke for about 50 minutes. I covered how I came to write my first novel (‘The Harpist of Madrid’); about how to write a novel; and how I got the book into print. I covered the things you need to do to be an author and went on to mention my second and third novels.

The Surbiton Branch of the Royal British Legion, the meeting place for the NHS Retirement Fellowship
The talk prompted some original and amusing questioning, not least about how I conducted the research for this series of novels and how I set myself up as a publisher. One of the audience asked if she could put her sister into contact with me about publishing a book her sister had written. I agreed, of course.

I thoroughly enjoyed my session with this amazing group and wish them every success in the future. I sincerely thank Frances for inviting me, our family friend, Janet Sadler, for suggesting I talk to the group and all those members of the group who bought copies of my books. I hope you enjoy reading them!




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