‘Return to Madrid’

This is the provisional title to my new novel. It is a sequel to my first, ‘The Harpist of Madrid’.

I thought I’d tell you about it, even though it’s not quite ready for publication. So I’m kind of ‘whetting your appetite’. It’s a crime thriller, set in seventeenth century Spain. It starts with the wife Juan Hidalgo, the lead character in ‘The Harpist’, attempting suicide. It then turns to the story of two women who investigate the death of Juan Hidalgo’s son while he was at university, sixteen years before.

Schematic view of the cover, based on Velazquez’s ‘Lady with a fan’
You may well ask how a death which occurred sixteen years before can be sensibly looked into, bearing in mind the lack of forensics available all those years ago. But you’ll be surprised how realistic it seems when you read it!

Anyway, I thought it was time to let you know about it. I’ll write again when it’s in print and available!



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