Successful signing at WH Smith, Kingston

Welcome to my web site or back again if you’ve been here before!

It was a real pleasure and privilege for me to have an other book signing on Saturday in the flagship WH Smith store in Kingston upon Thames. What a great day. I spoke to some very interesting people some of whom bought a copy of my latest novel ‘Expulsion’, which was the one I was promoting.

WH Smith store in the Bentall Centre, Kingston upon Thames


One lady came all the way from Adelaide, Australia – not just to see me of course – and promised to read it on the plane home! A lady called Stephanie was waiting for me when I came back from my lunch break. She was delighted that she caught me just before she’d almost given up and bought one unsigned. A guy called Noel stopped by and said he had to have a copy as he’d bought both my previous books at this very shop! The good news was that he’d read them and enjoyed them, just what a writer loves to hear. Another guy said he wouldn’t buy one because he bought one from me at my Christmas signing and gave it to his wife. He liked it, too!

The spectacular atrium in the Bentall Centre


So thank you, Alex Clayton, the store manager, and Karina Haughton-James, the supervisor, for inviting me, making me feel so at home and generally looking after me. And thank you all those enthusiastic readers who bought a copy of ‘Expulsion’.


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