Interesting day at WH Smith, Wimbledon

On Saturday last, I had a very busy and interesting time signing and selling copies of my latest novel, ‘Expulsion’ in WH Smith’s modern store, in Wimbledon. It’s in the Centre Court Shopping complex.

WH Smith’s store in Wimbledon’s Centre Court
Once again, I met some knowledgeful people who were only too pleased to stop by and talk about my books. One guy who used to own a pub in Ireland said he knew the writer Brendan Behan, who was a self confessed member of the IRA. A charming lady from India told me all about her son who is a fellow writer who lives and works in Dubai. He is about to publish his third novel. I explained that ‘Expulsion’ was my third, too! Another lady told me her brother-in-law is a nuclear physicist, as indeed I was early on in my career. We chatted quite a lot and she bought two copies, one for her husband and one for her brother-in-law as a Christmas present. So shopping early for Christmas!

So that you Ashley Keogh, the store manager, for kindly inviting me to do the signing in his store and all those people who chose to buy a copy – or more than one – of my book! Thank you also to Ashley’s staff who showed such interest and encouraged me!



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