An interesting time in WH Smith, Sutton

Yesterday, I did another of my book signings in WH Smith’s store in Sutton High Street and what an interesting time it was. It was for my third novel, Expulsion. My first sale was to Phillip N, a fascinating character and the son of one of my Rotary Club ( friends. He didn’t know I’d be there and I was totally surprised to see him. We had a good old chat before he left with his signed copy.

WHSmith’s great store in Sutton High St.

Another interesting man was a guy who told me he was 86 and who had lived as a child through WW2. He said his family were pressing him to write a biography but he hadn’t and probably wouldn’t. I told him that if he did, as a publisher myself, I could probably get it into print. ‘You’ve inspired me to do something,’ he said. ‘So now I’ll have to buy your book!’

A charming young lady from Albania (or was it Armenia?), accompanied by her two daughters also bought a copy. That’s her with me in the picture taken by one of her daughters.

The picture taken by the lady’s little daughter.

A kind and generous lady, called Diane, also bought a copy. And what a co-incidence: I met her again in Marks and Spencer’s on my from the signing! She said she’d let me know what she thinks of the book and I’m sure she will!

I met lots of other lovely people too, many who bought the book and many who just stopped for a chat, like a guy who wanted to learn Spanish and a lady who is a physics teacher at Carshalton High. She had trouble believing that I used to teach physics myself once!

So thank you again, Simon Bruckland, the store manager and his friendly, encouraging staff for another great day in your store. I’m dying to get back to do a pre–Christmas signing, probably in November. And thank you all those discerning readers who bought a copy of Expulsion!




2 thoughts on “An interesting time in WH Smith, Sutton

  1. You are too kind! You have my talent and more! It is good fun, just chatting to people whether they buy it or not. Have a great time in London this weekend. Sorry we can’t join you. Another time, for sure! xxx

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