I’m Santa’s driver tonight!

Welcome back to my website and hello to anyone visiting for the first time!

As my followers already know, I’m a member of Nonsuch Rotary Club which serves the community in and around Sutton, Surrey.

Well, tonight we start our Santa Christmas collections. We have the real Santa Claus, fresh from the North Pole, on the back of our lorry and go around many roads in Worcester Park making quite a noise broadcasting Christmas carols and collecting from the generous occupants of the houses there.

Santa on our sleigh!

Just to let you know, I shall be the driver! You can follow Santa, and therefore where I am by clicking on http://www.nonsuchrotary.org and clicking on the ‘Follow Santa’ link at the bottom of our web page. The site also tells you in advance where we will be over the coming two weeks! Last year we collected over £10,000 pounds and are hoping to make £11,000 this year

So see you, tonight, Tuesday night and Monday and Tuesday nights of next week! This is a ‘not to be missed’ experience for all the young children in our area.



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