Four book signings in a row!

I’ve had a very busy time in the last week and a bit. It started with three sessions of signings of my latest – ‘Expulsion’ – in the WHSmith store in CenterPoint in Wimbledon. And what an amazing three days they were!

I met some incredible people. A lady from Finland told me about how her family survived the second world war by speaking Finnish in the concentration camps. An historian related his theory of the identity of a queen in the Bayeux Tapestry. He’d written a very informative article about it, a copy of which he brought in for me the following day! A Japanese lady whose son is at King’s School wanted my advice on studying for a degree in physics which is what her son wants to do.

WH Smith’s store in Wimbledon’s Centre Court
The fourth signing was in the WHSmith flagship store in Kingston-Upon-Thames. Again a fascinating day on Saturday. I spoke to the Headmistress of Cheam Infants School which is just around a couple of corners from where I live in Worcester Park. Her husband, also there, is an accomplished golfer! A gentleman who works for Penguin Random House stopped to speak. And I spent some time talking to a lady who is Marketing Director for a firm which makes and sells advanced cyber security systems.

WH Smith store in the Bentall Centre, Kingston upon Thames

Amongst all this chat, I actually sold all but 60 copies of ‘Expulsion’ in the four sessions!

So many thanks to Alex, the manager of the Kingston store and his wonderful staff as well as to store manager Ashley in Wimbledon and to his equally brilliant people, for making me so welcomed and giving me the opportunity to do these signings in their stores. Thanks also to all those folk who stopped to talk to me … and of course those who bought copies of ‘Expulsion’!

On Friday I’ll be in WHSmith’s store in Sutton High Street from about 10.30 until 4pm.


2 thoughts on “Four book signings in a row!

  1. What a brilliant few days Gordon. I would have loved to chat to the Finnish lady, especially. What a story she would have to tell. I have just read a book East West street about the lives of three Polish Jewish families. Very important we never forget what went on.

    Terrific sales too.

    Best, Chris

  2. Hi Chris, she was incredible. I’ve got the title of the book which relates the story. She got quite emotional about it all. She was amazed that she’d been to Lahti. She lived there for a time and loved Sibelius! Like you, I could have chatted to her for hours. But when you are signing books…The best thing about these events are the people you meet and would never have come across any other way!

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