Not exactly what she wanted but…

This is a nice little story. My son lives in a quaint, pretty  little village in Northamptonshire called Kilsby. It’s about 5 miles north of Daventry. It has a new village shop managed by a lovely lady called Andrea. A week or two ago my son went in to buy some supplies and overheard a conversation between Andrea and one of the volunteers, a lady called Margaret who was telling Andrea that all she wanted for Christmas was a nice young man to take her for a ride in his Rolls Royce.

Margaret with her driver!

Out of earshot of Margaret, who is in her eighties by the way, Greg told Andrea that his dad was coming up to stay with Greg and Sue for Christmas and that, although dad didn’t own a Rolls Royce he could do at least  as well by taking Margaret for a run in his Bentley.

Smiling from the car!

So much to Margaret’s astonishment, dad turned up on Christmas Eve and took Margaret for a little run, only about 5 miles but Margaret was delighted. She wouldn’t stop talking the whole ride and I bet she’s told everyone about how her Christmas wish came true – well, almost! And maybe she was hoping for a younger man!

Ready for the ride!

7 thoughts on “Not exactly what she wanted but…

    1. Thanks, Sooda. Sometimes it’s a privilege to share something that is unusual but desirable at the same time. Margaret was delighted and I was pleased for her! Hope you had a great Christmas. Happy New Year! Cheers, Gordon

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