Signing TODAY and TOMORROW at Wimbledon WHS!

Hello everyone!

I did a book signing yesterday at Wimbledon WHS at Centre Court and met some amazing people. The former Chief Constable of Kent, Michael Fuller stopped by and bought a copy of ‘Return to Madrid’. What an interesting character, the first ethnic minority cop to reach the rank of Chief Constable. He recently published ‘Shoot the black one first’, the touching story of his struggle to the top. We had a long chat in which I explained my role on ‘the other side of the law’ hahaha at the Home Office.

A lady whose grandson worked in California bought ‘Return’ and Expulsion (for the bargain price of £16!). He loves Spain based novels, it seems. I also talked to an author of ‘grunge punk’ whatever that is! A lady from the Portugal bought ‘Expulsion’ for her dad, bless her.

These youngsters were great fun and wanted their photos taken with a yet to be famous author! Who was I to stop them?

So thank you Ashley the manager for letting me do another signing and his staff, Kelly and Rafael for helping me.

And I’m back today and tomorrow if you’d like to pop along, if only for a chat! There from about 11am to 4pm with a 1pm break for a spot of lunch at Costa!



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