To Greenwich by boat!

It seems ages since my Rotary pal Chris F and I met up for breakfast at the Civil Service Club and then went by Thames cruiser to visit Greenwich. Our main aim was to see the restored ceiling and wall paintings of the Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College. The Hall is one of the most important Baroque interiors in Europe. Designed and painted between 1707 and 1726 by Sir James Thornhill, who won a competitive tender to execute the work, it represents the moment when the United Kingdom was created and dominated the whole of Europe. We could do the same again with the right Brexit deal!

Part of the restoration: William III and Mary II at its focus
Here is an amazing part of Thornhill’s work. Now restored with the aid of a £8m lottery grant it looks as if it could have been painted yesterday. What a contrast to the grey, shabby, flaking rendition I saw not many years ago.

20190417_141433_resized (003)
Chris trying his skills!

Just below the Hall is a more modest little marvel: this bowling alley which has been part of the Royal Naval College since the 18th century. And here is Chris trying his hand! He’d let go of the bowl before I took the picture and almost got a strike!

20190417_144502_resized (003).jpg

We stopped by at the brewery on our way back to the boat and I couldn’t resist taking a picture. There was an earlier brewery on site and this is now one of the hundreds of microbreweries in our great city!

2 thoughts on “To Greenwich by boat!

  1. Gordo, you forgot to say I knocked down 7 pins……..As I was using an historic practice cannon ball, I should have got all 10🤣

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