I interview author and content creator, Esther Rabbit

Welcome to my website, whether you are a regular follower or whether you are visiting me for the first time. This blog is a real special: it’s the first interview of a series I shall be doing with authors and others active in the whole process of writing books for all those wonderful readers out there!

Esther herself

Esther Rabbit is the Author of New Adult Paranormal Romance, Lost in Amber, Digital Marketing Specialist and Content Creator for upcoming writers.

 If you too are an upcoming author or a veteran looking to improve your skills in the industry, you might consider checking out her website, and shoot her an email if you’d like to be interviewed.

 She speaks four languages fluently and as a self-proclaimed tech-geek, Esther likes to experiment with tools of the craft on her quest to help writers in their endeavours.

  Esther Rabbit | From Words To Spellbinding Novels


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1. Tell me a bit about yourself, where you were born, where you live, what are your likes and dislikes, your background?

I’m Esther, proud Millennial, author & content creator for writers. That should sum up my resume for the writing industry. In my not-so-secret-life, I’m a massive nerd, Digital Marketing specialist and perpetual nomad. Due to the nature of my job, I can work remotely and I’m at that age where I’m taking advantage of that and traveling the world as much as I can. Loving every minute so far! I’m a fanatic of the comic & illustration industry, there’s just so much talent behind it all. I’d fit right in on that couch with the Big Bang Theory cast, lol!

2. What inspired you to be a writer? Do you have another job or is writing your job? Tell me about the other things you do.

I’m an accidental writer to tell you the truth and quite frankly, I’m glad it happened this way because it took the whole pressure off. I started writing a story which morphed into a novel and I only became aware of it toward the last stage. Digital Marketing is a fun, every-evolving field and I think that’s what keeps me on my toes when my writer cape is off. It’s hard to get bored working with so many professionals to find their niche and develop their brand. There’s a lot of creative beauty in the process. If I wouldn’t keep this part of my life a big secret, I’d be bragging with quite the portfolio. Otherwise, I started blogging on my author website for two very good reasons:

I documented the journey From Writing To Publishing Your Novel in a series of articles meant to simplify the process for the upcoming author and because I’m experimenting with all sorts of tools to help writers in their endeavours, I plan on tackling every issue one article at a time.

Promoting other professionals in the industry is another way to pay my respects to the #WritingCommunity and all those incredible people who have helped me on my journey.

I had the pleasure to interview internationally bestselling authors, indie authors, editors, beta-readers, cover designers, and if you too are in the industry and you’re reading this, shoot me an email via my author website, I’d love to interview you!

Also, if you’re looking for one of these professionals, check out the interview section on my blog and I’m sure you’ll land in good hands.

3. I see you are multilingual. What languages do you speak and what made you choose them?

My parents probably wanted me to work for an embassy, lol! My dad was fluent in three languages, so he made it a mission for his kid to start early. So I did, and I now speak four languages (thanks, Dad!). It’s a great thing when there’s so much traveling involved. Professionally too, as I have clients from all over the world and it’s a nice surprise when we can communicate in their language. I’m fascinated by the social aspect of cultural differences & all the drama surrounding this concept. How in some cultures, an empty plate is a sign you enjoyed the food and in others it’s just rude. I’ve learned the hard way that not all cultures enjoy tipping, when in my own it’s greatly appreciated. I hope I’ll always keep learning.

Esther’s first of many!

4. Your book, Lost in Amber, is a paranormal romance. Can you explain? Say a bit about your book?

Adventure, girl power, telekinesis, atomic dispersion, you know, the usual, haha!

Joke aside, Lost in Amber: An Out Of This World Paranormal Romance is the story of three friends who get dumped/ served divorce papers the very same week. While dealing with the royal mess that is heartbreak, one of the girls, Zoey, discovers she’s been genetically altered with enhancements foreign to her world.

That’s when the adventure begins, and the romance, so watch out for that one!

Despite being a work of fiction, Lost in Amber is not far-fetched in the slightest. I tried very hard to write a story that every girl can enjoy, even if she’s not a Marvel fanatic.

5. What made you choose to write in this genre? What other genres do you enjoy?

One of my literary buddies said he imagined haunted houses and ghost stories when he heard Paranormal Romance and now I feel the need to properly explain the genre with every occasion, so ladies and gents, if one or more characters in your novel have supernatural abilities, it falls in the Paranormal genre. And if there’s a love story in the mix then you have the Romance. Another stereotype involving Paranormal Romance is that most novels belonging to this genre are very steamy or erotic. Nothing further from the truth (Twilight is a Paranormal Romance in fact). When it comes to my personal reading preferences, I enjoy mostly anything as long as it’s not 70% sad and it doesn’t involve animal cruelty.

… and it’s out!

6. How do you go about the process of writing? Do you have a routine?

I write as much as I can every day and try to divide that time between blogging three times a week and completing my upcoming book. The secret is taking everything you do seriously. I ask myself all the time: is this the best you could do? And if the answer is no, I keep at it until I’m satisfied.

7. And what about your next novel? Can you give us any clues about what it will be about?

Predictably, Found in Amber: An Out Of This World Paranormal Romance is the sequel to Lost in Amber, and the action picks up where we left off, exploring interplanetary politics and a corruption scheme of cosmic proportions following the adventures of Zoey, Sam and Emma. If all goes well Found in Amber: An Out Of This World Paranormal Romance will be released in 2019. Contrary to my expectations, writing book two has been a lot more difficult than writing my first novel. Maybe because this time around, I felt really aware I was writing a book. Maybe because Zoey and Jasper have to define their relationship and figure out if they’re really on the same side of things. All in all, thank you for reading me. This has been such a glorious learning curve and I’m grateful for each minute. I wish you all the very best with your endeavours.

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