Great signing at WH Smith’s in Sutton

I had a really interesting couple of day’s book signing in WH Smith’s store in Sutton High Street last Saturday and Sunday.

You always meet some interesting people on these occasions. I met this guy from California, USA, who was so impressed that I was an author actually making an appearance in a shop, he immediately bought a copy of each of Expulsion and Return to Madrid, without even asking what they were about!


A lady from Kenya was also a keen buyer. Her husband loved historical novels and Spain so she bought the two books as well.

Several people noticed that I published books as well as writing them. A local lady is very keen for me to publish her autobiography and I’m looking at her fascinating manuscript right now. Well not as this exact moment but you know what I mean!

So thank you, Simon Bruckland, the store manager, for inviting me in, and his staff, Dawn in particular, for helping and encouraging me in my efforts. A thoroughly interesting couple of days!






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