Couple of interesting day’s of book signing!

I spent three incredibly interesting days, over the weekend, talking to customers and signing quite a number of copies of ‘Return to Madrid’ and ‘Expulsion’. The venue was WHSmith’s great store in the Wimbledon, Centre Court Shopping Mall.

Will I sell these in a day?

One lady was about to fly to Guadalajara, Spain, on holiday and when I told her that ‘Expulsion’ starts right there, in that very city, she just had to buy a copy; and she bought ‘Return to Madrid, at the special price of £16 for the two.

This guy used to Live in Madrid so just had to buy one of each book. His son, who also spoke fluent Spanish, took this super picture of his dad and me!

The man from Madrid. Picture taken by his son!

One man, on his way to the tennis, said he didn’t have time for me to explain what they were about so grabbed two and bought them straight off. ‘I just have to support local authors,’ he said, dashing toward the tills. ‘I’m an author, myself!’

So a very successful weekend, thanks to Ashley Keogh the store Manager who invited me to do the signings, and Kelly, Kinfuja, Rosalind, Raphael and all the rest of the staff at this great shop for helping me to set up and encouraging me.

3 thoughts on “Couple of interesting day’s of book signing!

  1. Hi Gordon,

    I’ve just finished reading your ‘Return to Madrid’. This is your best! Vivid and honest about life – that’s how I felt about the book when I finished it.

    Look forward to your next one.

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