A lovely group of people

It was a pleasure to meet a group of members of the Frimley Branch of the NHS Retirement Fellowship yesterday. I gave them a talk about my books. The talk has the basic theme of: if I can write a novel, so can you! And I took along a few copies of my books for pre- Christmas sales! It seemed to go down quite well, despite my little awkwardness with the mike!

High Cross Church. An amazing venue!

The venue was the High Cross Church in Camberley. I was amazed to see a church obviously designed to be a focal point of the local community. It is truly spectacular, as this photo shows.

Rosemary and my little book display

So many thanks to Rosemary Stanmore, Chairman and Speaker Secretary of the group, for inviting me and to all those lovely people who listened to me intently, a number of whom even bought copies of the books!

One thought on “A lovely group of people

  1. What did you do with Mike Lurks?
    Get caught touching him or did you mean the Mic 🎤?

    We need a beer session…. by the way!

    Regards Guy

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