The loves of Miss Smyth

Hello everyone and welcome back to my site. Or welcome to anyone visiting for the first time!

In my previous post, I published a draft of the draft of the first chapter of my new novel. The story is about Ethel Smyth, a brilliant, almost forgotten composer of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. She wrote many  incredible works including six operas, many pieces for orchestra, songs and a number of chamber works. Back then I hadn’t decided on a title but I’ve since thought of ‘The loves of Miss Smyth’, which may be what it is finally called!

 A young Ethel as she often looked

I thought at that time that I would publish the novel chapter by chapter on my blog but I’ve since decided that since they are only drafts the best thing would be to wait until they are complete chapters! I hope you don’t mind! But please let me thank those of you who provided comments on that chapter. I’m really grateful.

Some of the material I have read or am reading to research the novel!

I am making steady progress with the novel and so far have written in excess of 55,000 words. She has already written a good number of compositions at that point in the story and is just about to meet Tchaikovsky who has an amzing influence on her life and music.

So watch this space!

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8 thoughts on “The loves of Miss Smyth

  1. Bit of a change Gord well done.
    Just read Tracy Chevalier the lady and the unicorn reminded me of your books in a way xx

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  2. So happy you are into this project, dear Gordon. She does sound an interesting and incredible lady. Doubt there’ll be much sauciness about this elegant Edwardian lady but knowing you, you’ll think of something! Hope you and Janet are both well love Lorri x

    1. Thank you, Lorri! She was an interesting lady, alright. I won’t say much about the sauciness angle, not yet anyway! I’m so enjoying writing it. Just for fun, here is a sample paragraph for you and anyone else who happens to see it: (from Chapter 17!)

      A dog the size of Marco needed several walks a day so Ethel often took him to the Johanna Park which was a short walk from her lodgings in the Salomonstrasse. She was walking along the main path through the park on this particular day, not long after her dinner with the Griegs, when she passed a man sitting on a bench. She glanced at him and he briefly looked back at her. She went through one of those moments of possible but uncertain recognition of the face of another. She had seen him before or someone who looked remarkably like him. It may have been in a restaurant, a tavern or even at the Gewandhaus concert hall. Then she realised. I’m sure that is Tchaikovsky, she thought. She carried on walking but overcome by curiosity, and after about another hundred yards or so of walking Marco and puzzling over this individual, turned around to have a closer look at him.
      She stopped in front of him. Marco seemed put out by this sudden interruption. Never a shy or reserved person, Ethel asked the man straight out.
      ‘Good morning, sir. Do I recognise you as Peter Tchaikovsky?’
      ‘Well,’ said the man. ‘I’m not sure I want my privacy invaded by a young woman and her bodyguard,’ he said, smiling cheekily.
      From that moment Ethel thought she was right and broke into a smile.
      ‘I admit, I am the person you have surmised I could be!’ He laughed as if he was enjoying this interruption. ‘How do you know it is me?’

      Anyway, I’ll leave the rest until you read the whole thing! Still very much a draft!)

      Hope you and John are doing well and surviving this vile weather. All the best to you both

      Gordon x

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