Ethel on Empress Eugenie’s yacht

As  you know, I’m in the middle of writing a novel about Ethel Smyth, one of our most famous composers of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. I discovered that she went on a trip with The Empress Eugenie, the widow of Napoleon III, who became a good friend of Ethel’s after The Empress moved to Farnborough. They went on the Empress’s beautiful yacht. It was called Thistle.

The Thistle, Empress Eugenie’s yacht

A little bit of internet research and I found this amazing picture of the Thistle, apparently from a postcard of her. It’s a 200ft, 6 cabin steam yacht built in about 1890 and bought by the Empress in Amsterdam. It really is a royal yacht! I couldn’t resist showing you this picture of her! The Empress loved the British, so much so that she gave the Thistle to the Royal Navy at the beginning of the First World War

You will be amazed what happens to the two of them on this yacht and where they go!

I’m over half way through ‘The Loves of Miss Smyth’ and I hope you enjoy reading it when it’s in print. I’m hoping to have it published before Christmas. We’ll see!

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